I had a very interesting experience last Sunday. I was invited to an Indian Street Food Masterclass at The East India Cafe, The Promenade, Cheltenham.

It was such a fascinating day and we were made to feel so welcome by the team at the café. I can’t help but think the word café understates how good this place is.

We were welcomed with a lovely herbal sherbet drink on arrival and introduced to the team at the restaurant which consisted of Head Chef – Mis, Development Chef – Rasel and Litu – Chef Patron.

The Team

I guess I have never really experienced Indian Street Food before, which made it all the more interesting. Street food is sold in India on the streets and in markets and fairs. The restaurant specialises in contemporary style Indian Cuisine which focuses on the popular British Raj’s cafe culture. They use local suppliers and are committed to healthy, good quality and sustainable food.

The demo part of the day consisted of a four course meal and us poor folk had to eat a course at the end of each demo. A banquet with a very positive kick!

Here is the menu:

Aam Panna (mango with black salt), a delicious healthy drink from the Dhaka region

Aam Panna

Samosa Chaat (deconstructed pastry dish with masala chickpeas, new potatoes, Kafir lime leaves, yoghurt and Bengali mustard) from the Dhaka region

Samosa Chaat

Amritsari Fish (a fish finger, not your normal Birdseye stuff!, coated with chickpea flour) from the Bengali region

Amritsari Fish

Chicken 65 (Chicken marinated with a special marsala mix and fried) from the Tamil Nadu region

Chicken 65 in the making

Gulab Jamun/Lal Mohan (Cheese dumpling soaked in syrup served with kulfi ice cream)

Mmmmm delicious Gulab Jamun

In fact it was all totally delicious. It was great to get involved in the demos and to get to know a little more about Indian spices.

So, I’ve discovered a shop in Cheltenham Lower High Street where you can buy a whole range of Indian, Middle Eastern and Oriental spices. If you want any of these spices I would suggest a visit to The Oriental Food Store and if you want recipes for any of the above dishes, I have them.

If you’d like to have the same brilliant experience, East India Cafe will be holding similar events on Sundays. Visit their website for more information.

That’s all for now.