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Modern Indian – 31 May 2020

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Modern Indian – 31 May 2020


May 31, 2020 12:00 pm
May 31, 2020 5:00 pm

Modern Indian – 31 May 2020

The eighties and the early nineties saw the introduction of Indian cuisine to the western palate. Flatbread, curry and tandoori soon became buzzwords for restaurants abroad serving Indian cuisine. Soon there were global adaptations moderating the spice, lessening the fiery flavours and taming them to suit the western food aficionados. A decade later, Indian cuisine is reinventing itself once again. The cooking method remains the same, but the presentation and flavours are mature and match the global expectations. Indian cuisine has a strong flavour, local ingredients need to be carefully paired with complementary spices.

This Masterclass is a tribute to those chefs, for having the passion to experiment and innovate therefore enriching the culinary wealth of Indian Cuisine.

Proposed sample items:

  • Sweetcorn soup, tempura spinach, mustard John Dory.
  • Tandoori spices Rabbit, crushed fennel, Col. Skinners salad
  • Salmon, coconut, kale, malai curry, luchi,
  • Steamed yoghurt, saffron, crystalised ginger

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